Nan's Guide to Query Letters

Query Letters 101 - An Overview: Get a quick look at my how to articles about writing the perfect query letter.

Query Letters 101 - Your Hook: Make your opening line a snowball in the face, something that makes an impact and won't soon be forgotten!

Query Letters 101 - Blurb about your Book: Write the back cover of your book to catch an agent's attention with your unique idea.

Query Letters 101 - Your Bio: Tell the agent or editor a little about yourself and why only you can writing the book you're pitching.

Query Letters 101 - Salutation and Sign Off: Don't forget to make a good first impression...and last one.

Query Letters 101 - Attachments: Finally, send out your work.  It can be the hardest thing in the world, but think of what you might achieve with a little courage.

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