Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Day on the Links: Beginner Edition

This week, I start a new recurring series for this blog.  It consists of short descriptions of, and links to, interesting and information articles related to writing, the creative process, blogging, and other useful topics.

But then, while creating my first post in the series, I realized that I lack some of the basic knowledge required to start linking away to other people's blogs and websites. When should I link?  Do I need to ask permission of the website or blog owner first?  How much of the article I want to link to can I quote?  And so on.

So, before I start linking to the world of great blogs and websites out there, here is some preparatory information on how to do what I am starting out on.

I hope you enjoy...A Day on the Links.

Link Etiquette: You Do Not Need Permission To Link: I found this article as the very first Google find under the heading of 'how to link to another website and etiquette.  It's up there for a reason.  When do you need to ask permission to link?  Well, the answer is in the title of the post, although the author does suggest asking for permission when you expect to benefit (i.e. monetarily) from the link.  (From Lorelle on Wordpress)

Internet Etiquette: While we're on the subject, I think it's useful to get a refresher on all of the rules of the internet from making comments, email, and blogging for both owners and readers.  There aren't as many rules as you think and they all boil down to being respectful and considerate, and giving credit where credit is due.  Good credo for life, too.  (From My Affiliate Place)

How do I make a link to another webpage?: Of course, if you're having trouble creating links in the first place, you might want to check out the blogger How To and read up on the mechanical stuff.  Don't feel silly.  I've had to review all of the FAQs and tutorials myself at one point.  A list of all of Blogger's help topics can be found here.  (Start your own blog on Blogger!)

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