Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Romance is NOT Dead!: New Voices Contest

Today, I just found out that Mills and Boon UK is running their New Voices contest again this year!

Argh!  Just when I was preparing to submit a new erotic romance to another Call for Submissions.  What is a busy romance-writing girl to do?

Ideally, I want to enter both submissions.  Wouldn't you?  The only problem is (and it's a biggie) is that I have barely completed about 10% of the erotic romance story and I have no idea which of my many many (many) first chapters to polish up and submit to the New Voices contest.  Double argh!


Okay, so last year I didn't do too well in the New Voices contest.

This year, before I start tearing up the keyboard, I wanted to do some preliminary work to get my mind thinking c-o-n-t-e-s-t.

My first step in submitting to the New Voices contest is to read over my submission from the last contest and see what the comments were from the folks who took the time to read it.  I want to improve on what I did last year, for sure.

The second step will be reading over the finalists' entries and seeing what they did right.  I don't want to copy what they did, not in the least, but simply get an idea of what makes the winning chapters tick for both the readers and the judges.

Lastly, I think I will check out the statistics on the entries - how many entries were submitted in each sub-category (Contemporary, Paranormal, etc.) and how those entries (as a category) did within the other rounds.  I know, I know, that the winner many not necessarily be chosen from a particular category but I write all kinds of romances and I want to be able to narrow down my decision on what kind of story to enter.

Come on, why don't you enter with me?

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