Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Calls for Erotic Romance and Getting Published

Last year, I released my first erotic romance stories, Captive Angel and Country Hearts with Total-E-Bound publishing.  Total-E-Bound produces incredible erotic (and other) romance e-books in a myriad of subgenres.  They have been a real pleasure to work with and, partly for that reason, I have two more erotic romances coming out this year.

Previously, I've posted about Total-E-Bound's calls for submission.

I thought, since I have benefited from these same calls, I would show my work by letting you know that I've used those very same postings to review the guidelines for stories, to submit and, ultimately, to be published.  Yes, really.

In August, 2012, for instance, I posted the following:

Total-E-Bound accepts erotic romance manuscripts between 10,000 and 100,000+ words and has specific calls for submissions going on right now. These include - At Your Service (short stories about domestic staff) deadline: November 1, 2012, Whip It Up (BDSM, obviously) deadline: March 1, 2013, and my favourite, Wanton Witches (Halloween themed for next year's season) deadline: April 1, 2013.

I submitted a story called "A Lady for Two" for the At Your Service anthology since I've had good sales with the other anthology piece I submitted to them.  I sent in my historical piece the day before the deadline, on October 31, 2012, and I received an acceptance about seven weeks later on December 11, 2012.  Pre-ordering starts later this month and general release is scheduled for June 10th.

That means, all together, it's taken about a year to write, submit, edit and otherwise get my story ready for publication.  Total-E-Bound staff has made this a smooth process but, don't get me wrong, the creative process can also be fraught with difficulty.

The message: it's hard work to be a writer.  Keep on top of general calls for submission and try out my publisher.  If you don't send your stories out there, you will never be published.

Take a deep breath, write like crazy, and submit your work.

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