Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year...Same Resolutions

Last year, I wrote about tackling the same resolutions as the year before.  And this year...well, same thing.

Don't mess with a winning formula, right?

That isn't to say that I met my goals last year.  I didn't.  Not by a long shot.  I wanted to write more, blog more and send out submissions.  I wrote a lot.  I blogged a little.  I sent out even fewer submissions.

But end result?  I published more.  I got more of my erotic romance stories published in 2013 than 2012.  And I hope that 2014 will offer more opportunities.  At this point, I already have four stories scheduled for publication in 2014 (one is due out in a few days, my first with Ellora's Cave) and that's not too shabby.

I set huge goals.  I wanted to send out 100 submissions last year and I ended up doing about ten percent of that.  But I like making the big goals and I really like striving for them.  Every time I chalked up a submission, I rejoiced--and that feeling was worth it.

So strive for the big goals this year.  You might just make it.  And if you fail, well, you'll have failed trying.

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