Thursday, February 09, 2012

My Publisher - Total-E-Bound

Over the last few weeks, I've been spending a greater amount of time on the website of my publisher, Total-E-Bound Publishing.  For those who don't know, Total-E-Bound is an erotic romance publisher of primarily eBooks, with some audio and print offerings as well.

In my perusal, I've discovered some cool things about their website, which I have to share with you all.

They have an amazing offering of free short stories.  Yes, that's right -- free.  There are over fifty stories on the website.

I've also been checking out my author page(!): here.  It links back to this blog!

Very importantly, they have a number of calls for submissions: everything from Bodices and Boudoirs to "At your service" (domestic staff).  All of the calls sound like so much fun that I have already started brainstorming ideas for ones that close in August!

Lastly, and of course not least, they sell of of which will soon be mine!

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