Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Resolutions Progress - January

My resolutions this year were simple: Write more.  Blog regularly.  Send out 100 query letters.

So far (I know it's early days yet) I am on track.

For the past fifteen years, I've been keeping track of how many pages I write every day.  Yes, I know, quality over quantity and all that but I enjoy having a record.

I've set myself a target of writing two pages per day (up from my average of about a page a day last year).  As of January 30th, I was at 60 pages for the first 30 days of the year.  Woot!

On the blogging side, I've been experimenting a little.  Initially, I wanted to write a single long post every week.  I've been doing that.  But I've also added additional daily (or semi-daily) posts that are considerably shorter.  End result: I've stuck by my resolution to post regularly on this blog.

Finally, I've sent out (and already received rejections for) nine query letters to literary agents so far this year.  I would have been further ahead but I've been experiencing some internet disruptions that have put a dent in my output.  I also want to diversify with some submissions to publishers.  But, in the end, I have also stuck by this goal.

I feel great about keeping my 2012 resolutions through the month of January.  Tune in next month for my next update.

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