Thursday, July 26, 2012

Inspiration at the Art Gallery

Today, I'm making a trip to the local art gallery where they are currently exhibiting a large collection of Picassos.  I've seen the exhibit before a few weeks ago but with a friend who was more academic than appreciative.  Today, I'm going with a different friend who I think will make the experience better.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert on art.  I fall into that often maligned category of people who "know what they like".  I accept that my interest in art is simply to appreciate it as a rank amateur.  Yes, I like the colourful stories behind some of the artwork (read off of the little labels they put next to the paintings) but I don't have any burning desire to read the artist's biography and learn every detail of their career.

The friend I'm going with today is the latter.  Her interest is stronger than mine but I venture to say (sorry, Nan's friend) that I get more out of the art in terms of creative inspiration.

I strongly believe that all art is a stop on a creative continuum.  Books, paintings, music, dance, they can all inform and inspire each other.  While I don't do anything more than appreciate fine art, music or dance, I gain a great deal of creative energy from seeing a painting, hearing a beautiful piece of music or watching a ballet on television.

Inspiration and creativity are everywhere and they don't have to just be inspired by the masters.  Picasso's life was extremely interesting (his love life too) and hearing about it may give me an idea for a story, but seeing his paintings all together in one place is a well of inspiration and creativity that my mind may subconsciously return to over and over throughout my life.  That's why I visit art galleries.


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