Thursday, August 02, 2012

Productivity in Art

Recently, I went to see the Picasso exhibit at my local art gallery.

This was my second time at the exhibit, which is in my city for the summer, and what struck me this time, aside from the sheer range of art created (and often pioneered) by this remarkable artist, was his prolific output.

The number of artworks Pablo Picasso was estimated to produce is fifty thousand.  Yes, of art.  This ranges from paintings and drawings to sculpture and pottery.  He even made rugs (and wrote a play)!

Imagine a writer who creates fifty thousand poems.  Or short stories.  Or, impossible to imagine really, novels.  Well, Picasso would have been creating poems and short stories and novels.  Because that's just the kind of guy he was.  And he probably would have invented a new kind of poem while he was at it.

Picasso's dedication and talent, leaving aside what you might think of his artwork or his colourful personal life, is awe inspiring.

Seeing his work, which was really only the merest fraction of his total number of pieces, made me want to re-dedicate myself to my creative talent: writing.  Yes, very few are truly as naturally talented as a great artist like Picasso, but most of us who toil away at any creative art do it because we love it.  And can we ever do better in life than to do what we love?


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