Thursday, January 03, 2013

Erotic Romance: Calls for Submission - 2013 Edition

So you want to write erotic romance?  2013 may be your year to finish that sexy manuscript and snag a publisher for it.

As for myself, I had the idea of hitting this new year running but so far I've only been jogging a little.  Certainly not enough to work up a sweat.  I should get down to it.  And so should you!  Come on...we'll do it together.

In the meantime, find some motivation from the erotic romance publishers out there who are eagerly awaiting your masterpieces.  Check them out.

Total-E-Bound: This is my erotic romance publisher and they are lovely to work with.  Plus, they are looking for stories for some fantastic themed anthologies coming up.  How about an all male story about men in uniform?  (Deadline July 1, 2013). Or a cowboy menage story? (Deadline November 1, 2013). That's definitely my kinda thing.

This publisher also has a host of seasonal holiday themed calls for submissions that are tickling my fancy.  Valentine's Day 2014 is all about cougars--and the submission deadline is August 2013, which gives us all time to work on that manuscript to our heart's content.  And, last but not least, pirates!  We have a whole year to come up with a M/F "Jolly Rogered" story.

Ellora's Cave is also looking for stories about big beautiful women (BBW) and M/M erotic romance.

Happy New Year and happy writing!

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