Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Day on the Links: Health Edition

Recently, some of the romance readers and writers on Twitter have formed a diet club.  I didn't join but the project did get me thinking about my own health.

I could stand to be healthier (who couldn't?) and I often rely on the internet for information regarding my health choices.  For instance, there are tons of diet and healthy cooking sites out there.  So I thought that this week, I would share some of the great ones I've found.  Now let's all get off the computer and go jogging!

Live Strong: This website is the dot com version of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's dot org site dedicated to supporting people living with cancer.  This site is all about diet, nutrition and exercise.  Living healthy, in other words.  I often check it out for calorie and nutrition statistics on foods I'm thinking about eating (the figures can be shocking!) but the site offers a ton more in terms of information and inspiration.

Delish: When I have the time, I love to cook.  Knowing what goes into every bite I eat is frequently impossible but when I stand over the stove myself, I can monitor every drop of oil and every fresh ingredient.  Plus, I think my own cooking tastes pretty good. This is one of the best websites I've found for healthy recipes that don't take a ton of time or skill to make.

Good Housekeeping:  Yes, I know: the title of this magazine and website alone is enough to make you think you may be several decades too young for their advice.  Not true.  The health and diet section of their site has inspirational stories of women who've lost an amazing amount of weight as well as fun health and diet tools like a Diet Matchmaker and Cravings 911.  Definitely worth a peek.

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