Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Day on the Links: Woman Edition

I was going to call this A Day on the Links post the "Girlie" Edition but somehow that label doesn't quite capture the awesome variety, seriousness and frivolity of the websites I read on a regular basis.  While these are clearly women-centric sites, they aren't necessarily just for women.  I just like the female slant to the writings and the great sense of humour the writers for all of these sites display.

Jezebel: Full of current events and nostaliga, this website is one I can easily sit down and read for hours on end.  The articles range from the newsworthy controversies to reviews of favourite childhood books to celebrity snapshots.  In other words, anything and everything a modern woman is interested in.  Plus, the comments are full of smart, interesting women readers.

iVillage: If you're looking for health advice, a good recipe for dinner or sex talk, this is the one-stop shop for all women-related issues.  The articles are quick reads so you can just nip in and nip out to find just what you're looking for or browse for a while and pick up some tips on just about everything.

Chatelaine: My mother used to subscribe to this Canadian magazine and up until recently I still thought of it as "my mother's magazine".  Lately, however, I've been caught up in how much carefully researched and well presented information they have on all kinds of home and work related topics.  Plus, they have a great fashion and beauty section.  No longer my mother's magazine -- unless, of course, I have finally become her.

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