Friday, July 15, 2011

Turning Point: My First Three Months of Blogging

Almost three months ago, I started writing this blog.

Was it worth it?  Yes!

Through my blog and my tweeting about what I was posting, I've been able to connect with tons of other writers and romance readers.  Truly, they are the best people on earth.

But it's also been an enormous amount of work to create a thoughtful blog post every single day, without fail, which has been my aim from the very beginning.

Do people enjoy my writing?  I have heard feedback from several readers who do.

Do people learn something?  It appears so.  Not surprisingly, my most frequent page hits are for the practical advice and tips I have researched and written about regarding writing.

Am I still constantly worried about typos and errors?  You bet ya!

In honour of my three-month anniversary I'm compiling my most popular posts below, as chosen by you, the readers:

Writing Sexual Tension: Slowing Your Roll

How to Balance Your Writing and Your Day Job: Overview

Following up on your Query Letter (Without Nagging)

Thank you for reading and keep checking out this blog for more about writing, waiting, and worrying.

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