Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Day on the Links: Free Romance Reads Edition

Who doesn't like free books?  Well, publishers of romance novels certainly know what their readers like and that's a taste of what they sell every day.  So why not benefit from the freebies?  They can allow you to sample writers or even romance subgenres that you wouldn't ordinarily purchase.  And that's what the publishers are banking on.

So before you dive in, dip your toes a little in the water.  It feels good.

Check out free romance titles from these publishers:

Harlequin has free online reads that are updated periodically with new content.  Plus you can get videos and podcasts too!

HarperCollins Browse Inside feature allows you to sample significant portions of bestselling and other books before you purchase.  A great option to get you hooked quickly (or allow you discard a possible romance title instead of purchasing the real deal).

Ellora's Cave offers free short stories for from some of their most popular authors.  The heat level is on the higher end so be warned!  Ha, that probably just got you clicking a little faster, didn't it?

These are just a sampling of the offerings available from romance publishers who are trying to woo the large market of romance readers to their own particular titles and authors.  Take advantage of the offers and browse to your heart's content...all without spending a dime.

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