Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Day on the Links: Submissions Edition

So, you want to get published?

If you're like me, you have no idea about where to start shopping around your finished (and presumably polished) romance manuscript.  Many of the larger publishing houses want agented submissions, meaning you first have to snag a literary agent before you can even think of trying to sell your book to them.

How do you know which publishers will take romance, or unagented submissions, or unsolicited queries and manuscripts?

The good news is that you don't have to spend days on Google compiling this information.  Someone has already done it for you (and very well, I might add).  So, please see below for a couple of my recommendations for romance publisher compilations.  And, of course, a link to a great article by Brenda Hiatt called Show Me The Money!  Hint: it's about how much each publisher she's following pays out, on average, gathered from actual authors' information.  A truly amazing resource.

I hope you enjoy...A Day on the Links.

Romance Publishers: Karen Fox is a romance author with a good website (it's purple!) filled with links and other writing information.  She maintains a list of current romance publishers that is regularly updated (the last update was just over a month ago as I write this).  Her list links both to the publishers website and their submission guidelines.  (From Karen Fox website)

Romance Publishers: The Passionate Pen was actually created to list romance publishers and their guidelines so who could do it any better?  They separate their publishers into categories such as Large Publishers (warning: many of these want agented submissions only), Small Press, E-Publishers, Large Print/ Library and Christian presses.  A well-organized and thorough resource.  (From The Passionate Pen website)

Show Me the Money!: Brenda Hiatt is a romance writer...I've read some of her books and they're good.  For the last decade, she's been using information gleaned from actual romance authors to compile a list of how much various romance publishers advance, offer as royalties and usually pay out.  It's an amazing resource and a great wake up call for anyone expecting to make millions, very quickly, writing romance novels.  (From Brenda Hiatt website)

Good luck with your submissions!

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